Patrick Frollo is a Roller  Coward
7. Patrick Frollo is a Roller Coward
"You know I hate rollercoasters."






Stupid Shit

Release Date

July 24, 2012

Patrick Frollo is a Roller Coward is the 7th episode of Frollo's Cousins and the final episode in the Stupid Shit Era.


Patrick Frollo and Frollo find out about a new ride known as Fiery Pit opening in Pac-Land. The next morning, Patrick wakes up to the sound of Fiery Pit, then he and his other cousins fly there. Having made it, Sasha joins in, which infuriates Dmitri, as he thought he killed him. Along the way, the Frollos encounter Nat Peterson, and they enter the park. Meanwhile, Hayate encounters Juri Han and develops and instant crush on her (I didn't know what I was thinking). Then, they check out the Fiery Pit, which is full of the shits. Along they way, Patrick meets Pac-Man, of whom Frollo takes a picture with his iPhone 4S. There were also other things like the Spark, which of course, Patrick is afraid of. Another premise includes a severely injured old guy, who presumably came from the Fiery Pit, and of course it was his birthday. The main Frollo family has lunch; in this case, Frollo with buffalo wings, Achmed with a cheesesteak, Dmitri with a chicken sandwich and Hayate with sushi. As three of them leave, Gaston appears beside Frollo. Then, Achmed meets his parallel-universe self--let's call him Demhca for now--who taunts him. Afterwards, everyone finds out that Pac-Land had five more minutes before closing. That was just enough time to ride the Fiery Pit. This gave Patrick severe coasterphobia. Almost six seconds later, Hayate and Juri, uh... you know the rest, thus assembling the main team.


Major CharactersEdit

Minor CharactersEdit

  • Nat Peterson (debut)
  • Sonic (debut)
  • Raichu
  • Old Man Jenkins
  • Harold Bill
  • Pac-Man
  • Gaston
  • Parallel-universe Achmed


  • This whole thing is based on an episode of Spongebob known as Roller Cowards.
  • Hayate orders sushi as part of his ethnicity.


  • Sasha Scar reappears in this episode.
  • According to the emergency broadcast, the Fiery Pit is higher than it looks. In fact, it keeps going.


Frollo's Cousins episode 7 Patrick Frollo is a Roller Coward

Frollo's Cousins episode 7 Patrick Frollo is a Roller Coward


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