Claude Frollo is a French judge, who likes his fire and is one of the main protagonists. He has learned German from his German cousin, Hans Frollo.

Claude Frollo
Frollo hd
Judge of Hellfire


Frbench France



Originally voiced by

Tony Jay


Achmed, Dmitri, Hayate (all 3 of them are his cousins), other cousins, Jehan Frollo (brother)


Achmed, Dmitri, Hayate, Sasha, Juri, Gaston (best friend), The Terminator


Achmed (formerly), Hayate (formerly), Sasha (formerly)


Selfish, racist, pyromaniacal

First Appearance

Frollo's Cousins

Latest Appearance

Francesco Frollo 2D Land


The Hunchback of Notre Dame


Frollo appears as a 56-year-old man who loves his fire more than anything or anyone else. His nose is long and he wears a truss. He wears a weird-looking hat that symbolizes he's a judge and is 6'1".

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Frollo is able to fly and control fire. He has learned to control fire from his Japanese cousin, Hayate Frollo.


Achmed FrolloEdit

Achmed the-Dead-Terrorist-Samaha-bin-Laden-Frollo is one of Frollo's cousins. He mainly travels with him to do stupid shit. At first, in Achmed Frollo's Revenge, Achmed despised Frollo for burning him and sending him to Hell. After the fact, he swore revenge, but it didn't last long. But starting in Dmitri Frollo and Sasha Scar, they started to get along more and more.

Dmitri FrolloEdit

After being burned by his cousin or some shit like that, Dmitri originally held a grudge against Frollo. In Achmed Frollo's Revenge, he saved Frollo and his friends from Achmed's sinister plan.


  • Frollo is one of many Frollo Show characters and one of only two confirmed Disney characters as of this point to appear in Frollo's Cousins.