Akuma and Nat Peterson are a popular antagonist of the Street Fighter series and big background character in Spongebob, and major characters in Frollo's Cousins.

Akuma and Nat Peterson
The Satsui no Ha-Duo


Satsui flagJapan - Akuma
American flagAmerica - Nat


Immortal - Akuma
Alive - Nat

Originally voiced by

Taketora - Akuma
Dee Bradley Baker, Tom Kenny - Nat


Ryu (adoptive nephew), Gouken (brother) - Akuma
Shubie (presumably wife) -Nat


Frollo, Achmed, Dmitri, Hayate, Sasha, Juri, each other


Anyone standing in his way - Akuma


Demonic, arrogant, powerful - Akuma
Cocky, pessimistic (at times), raw - Nat

First Appearance

Frollo Sings the Star-Spangled Banner - Akuma
Patrick Frollo is a Roller Coward - Nat

Latest Appearance

Francesco Frollo 2D Land


Super Street Fighter II Turbo - Akuma
Spongebob Squarepants - Nat


Akuma appears as a demon in dark-colored gi, brown sandals and prayer beads. He has red hair and crimson eyes. He also appears to be tan-skinned.

Nat appears as a giant tannish-yellow anthropomorphic fish with a purple fin and lips. He wears light-blue shorts and appears to breathe in air without the aid of water.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Akuma is able to launch Gohadokens, Goshoryukens, and his signature move, the Raging Demon.

Like I said, Nat is shown to breathe in the surface world.


Each otherEdit

Akuma and Nat are shown to share a really strong bond in friendship. Later episodes will show how well they share it.


  • Both Akuma and Nat are shown to be some kind of tan.
  • Both are pessimistic in a way.
  • Both were against their antagonists such as Seth from Street Fighter and Plankton from Spongebob, respectively.
  • Nat is one of only two confirmed major Spongebob characters as of this point to appear in Frollo's Cousins.